MeIn real life I work in food publishing and I set up Gin and Crumpets so I could explore the foods that don’t fit into my day job. Mainly this means British food in all its glorious permutations. From gin and tonics that lead to late night kebabs through pies, puddings and pasties, I’m fairly certain we have a cuisine worth celebrating and I’m doing my best to eat as much of it as possible.

If you have questions or comments, email me at gindrinkers@googlemail.com.

A note on copyright: Writing and photography copyright Jassy Davis © 2011 unless otherwise specified. You may not copy or otherwise reproduce any of this material without prior written permission. All rights reserved.

22 Responses to “About”

  1. harriet Says:

    Great blog, will definately be trying some of the recipies

  2. zaphodfreek Says:

    I am also loving your blog. Excellent stuff.

  3. Jacqui Says:

    i Gin and Crumpets,
    Thank-you so much for the blog that i have followed since your start in Cork. I saw that an Indian girl had contacted you for some tips etc on attending the school. I was being shy, but having Tanquaray and Bombay Sapphire in the cupboard and having a splash of the latter have taken up the Dutch courage to contact you. I have signed up and will be a student in the Sep class.

    Congrats, I think you have graduated? I wanted to know if you could let me know some of your honest thoughts, tips and advice for the coming three months. A winter in Ireland. I cant wait. ( Not) Currently living in California but originally from Tipperary. Anyhow are you up for a communication, skype? Or any stuff you would be glad to share.
    I was at the school a month ago and looked for you. Had lunch with Tomasitia( Mexican food ) and the Allens and an australian guy who was in the class. He went to try and find you but we didn’t luck out.

    Said you were good at the wines!!! Identifying them that is

    Anyhow G&C hope you will be able to touch base, Tried to send to your email but says not a valid email!


    • ginandcrumpets Says:

      Hi Jacqui – congratulations on signing up for the course. You’ll have a fabulous time! I’ve sent you an email.

  4. Ed H-B Says:


    I’ve just linked to your website, can you add a link back to me? ;-)

    I’ve built all of mine on wordpress a very handy platform.


  5. Ed H-B Says:

    http://www.crackclothing.com that is :-)

    It’s currently just a blog, but the urban apparel is coming soon ;-)

  6. Annie Nichols Says:

    I’ve just added you to my link list. cause anyone with the name ginandcrumpets as their blog name, loves gin and does gin tastings gets my type of happiness!

  7. Karolina Says:

    What a lovely place you have here. :) Great pictures, interesting recipes – I hope I will try some of your recipes in the future. All the best from Yorkshire Dales. :)

    P.S. If you still struggle to sleep (I do :/) count the blessings rather than sheep. ;) (sorry I have sen “White Christmas” recently ;) ).

  8. nomnomgal Says:

    Loving the blog. Hope you don’t mind that I linked you on mine!

  9. Lara (Project Perfect 10) Says:

    I love your tagline. This is my attitude to food entirely!!

  10. Bill Stillman Says:

    Trying to send some info to you via e-mail but ,the address advertised on your site keeps bouncing.

    Please could you supply me with correct contact details

    Many thanks,

    Bill Stillman

  11. DR Says:

    Just linked to your blog at the new Nunhead & Peckforum section of the forum for South East London – it’s called http://www.southeastcentral.co.uk and here is your direct link for the Evelina Road SE15 review:


    • ginandcrumpets Says:

      Thank you for the lovely mention – am signed up and expect to get stuck into some local debates!

  12. DR Says:

    Nunhead & Peckham – ooops!

  13. palmface Says:

    Hello, I’m thinking of taking the plunge and booking myself onto the Certificate course at Ballymaloe. It looks like so much fun but it’s not cheap so I’d love to know if you’d recommend it? Has it improved your career prospects? I’m a sports journalist at the moment but keen to move into food journalism/publishing.

    • ginandcrumpets Says:

      Hi Alice,

      Yes I would recommend the course and it has improved my career prospects, albeit in a tangential way. Do you want to drop me an email? gindrinkers at googlemail dot com.

  14. Emmy Says:

    My husband just introduced me to your blog and Im having LOTS of fun reading through it at all the moment. Im trying to elbow my way into freelance health and food writing at the moment, so Im going to treat you as a massive inspiration! xox

  15. Emmy (Wine and Butter) Says:

    Woops – that was linked to my old web address!

  16. Keely Says:

    I love pictures of food almost as much as I like making food, and you have both! You can’t imagine how happy i was to find you had recipes as well! I just about died and went to food heaven (with a cup of tea and crumpets in hand!). Thank you for writing this blog, it’s made one California Foodie very happy! Cheers!

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